More TI goodness! Plus EddyStone and RuuviTag!

The newest version of BC Basic for Best Calculator, IOT Edition includes support for more Bluetooth devices!  The puck.js device from , the RuuviTag from and (finally!) support for the TI SensorTag 2650.  The SensorTag early firmware, BTW, didn’t work with Windows; I have had success with firmware 1.4.  There’s also support for the nifty TI Watch (display) DevPack! The manual is no reaching 350 pages (!) with the latest additions, and there are 11 sets of samples for different devices. 

The most exciting Bluetooth addition is that supporting the RuuviTag also means adding support for EddyStone beacons and Bluetooth advertisements in general.  You can now watch for Bluetooth devices that are advertising, for EddyStone advertisements, for EddytStone-URL advertisements and finally for the RuuviTag EddyStone-URL in particular.

Best Calculator, IOT edition is on the Windows store for Windows 10 devices and phones.


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