More Bluetooth!

The first IOT edition of Best Calculator is now greatly expanded.  New devices that are directly supported with simple interfaces are the newest TI 1350 SensorTag, the MetaWear MetaMotion device from their successful Kickstarter and the super-popular BBC micro:bit.

But there’s much, much more!  All editions — including the class “free with no ads” version — get new Graphics support, more screen options, and bunch of bugs fixed.  The IOT edition can read and write files with CSV and JSON support, can connect to HTTP endpoints including the new Microsoft Flow.

And as always, the manual is available from CreateSpace.

It’s Programmable!

Exciting news for Best Calculator for the new school year: it’s programmable! The main keyboard has been squeezed in a bit to add an entire new row of keys.  The keys are marked P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5. Each key can be bound to a different program.  You can use any of the sample programs that come with Best Calculator, or you can write your own in BC BASIC!