Getting Started with Programming

2.1-AddNewPackageBC BASIC is bundled in with the Best Calculator for Windows.  To start programming, press the BC BASIC button on the left side of the screen.

In this first example, we’ll write a simple program to convert square feet to acres.  There are five steps  to writing your first program (and one of the steps is to run it!)

When you are done you will not only have a new program, but it will run  when you press button P1 on the calculator!

First press the BC BASIC  button to show the BC BASIC environment.  This is where you will create, edit and run your programs.  The Library of Packages screen will pop up.  A package is a bundle of individual programs; you’re going to make a single new package that contains a simple program.   The program will convert from square feet to acres.

First step: Add a new package for your programs