Getting Started: Add a new package for your program

2.1b-AddedNewPackageMake sure you’ve pressed the BC BASIC  button.  The Library of Packages screen will pop up.  A package is a bundle of individual programs; you’re going to make a single new package that contains a simple program.   The program will convert from square feet to acres.

First, you need to make the package that your programs will be part of.
Tap the + button to add a new package. A new package will be created with a default name of “New Package”.

After you’ve written more programs and want to create more packages, you’ll probably want to rename this package.  Do that by tapping the package’s GEAR button.  Then change the name and description.  The changes take place right away.  Tap the BACK ARROW to get back to the list of packages.

Next step: Add a new program to your package


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