Getting Started: Bind the program to a key

Now we’re going to bind the program to one of the programmable keys on the calculator.  They are the ones marked P1 to P5.  Best Calculator comes with these keys already programmed to some common tasks.


In any of the programming dialogs, tap the BIND key ( ); it’s the one in the upper-right corner.  It brings up the binding dialog.  To bind a key, you first pick the key to bind, the package and program to bind to, and them press save.


The first question is What button do you want to bind to?  Tap one of the buttons in the button list (labeled P1, P2, P3 and so on) to pick a button to bind to.  People often just pick button P1.  The button list tells you what package and program the button is currently bound to.  This helps you pick the right button to use.

The second question is What package is the program in?  All the possible packages are listed.  As you tap on a package, the next list changes to show the programs in that package.  Tap on New Package to pick your new package.  If you’ve change the name of the package, pick the new name.

The third question is What program do you want to run?  Tap Square feet to acres to select your new program.

Lastly, be sure to tap the SAVE button ( ).  Your selection isn’t saved until you press save.

Now verify that the button works how it should.  Tap the Calculator button to see the calculator again.  Now enter a value into the calculator.  You might want to enter 10000 since you already know how many acres it is.  Now press the button you bound (probably the P1 button).  The value in the calculator screen should be replaced with 0.229568 (and there is a message that it just converted 10000 square feet to acres).



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