Getting Started: Run the program to test it

Before we run the program, we need to have a “known good” conversion.  Type “Convert 10000 square feet to acres” into a web search; it should tell you that 10000 square feet is 0.229568 acres.

To test the program, tap the Calculator button; this dismisses the BC BASIC programming area and pops up the calculator.  Type in the starting value of 10000.

Now tap the BC BASIC button.  The BC BASIC programming area pops up again, right where you were.  Tap the RUN button to run the program. Your program is automatically saved when you run the program.  You can also press the F5 key to run your program.
The results go to the calculator screen, which is not visible.  That’s why it looks like nothing happened.  Tap the Calculator button again to see the calculator.  You should see this:


The program works!  It’s done the conversion, and reminded you of what exactly it did.

You can always run your programs from the Library of Packages. But for the programs you run all the time, it’s nicer if you can just press the P1 to P5 keys.

Next step: Bind the program to a key


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